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Because of its high concentrations of essential oils, the pine produces positive emissions which are then inhaled through our nose and which lead to a sense of wellbeing and improved health. A study has shown that people who sleep in a room where pine plays a prominent role, are likely to have a more restful sleep and to recharge their batteries faster. Even sensitivity to changing weather conditions is said to disappear. Staying in a pine room saves the person 1 hour of sleep per night.


In Austria there are, when you take into account the country's total forest area, approximately 2 billion spruce trees. No wonder, then, that the spruce truly is the "bread and butter" of our forestry industry..


The oak - a king amongst trees. It is the symbol of strength, power and might.


The maple is a light-hearted wood which is a source of comfort to those who are sad and have a heavy heart. Maple trees tend to restore balance, just one hidden reason for their popularity. Maple also conveys a sense of warmth.


The birch is often referred to as "the tree of bliss". It calms and relaxes the nerves. Which is why, as the opportunity presents itself, you should always spend a few minutes standing beneath its branches. Birch contains essential oils.

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