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The Kreuzwiesenalm hut is our mountain inn, located in the Zillertal Arena - a glorious skiing and hiking area. It´s hard to imagine anywhere better to take a well-earned break and while away some time. The large sunny terrace serves up splendid panoramic views, ever a source of joy t both visitors and locals alike. All guests of the Aparthotel Wohlfühl Ferien-Heim receive a 20% discount on all meals at the Kreuzwiesenalmhütte, located near slopes 16 and 17 in the Zillertal Arena.

In summer you may choose to come here by car via the Gerlosberg, but there´s also a simple 1 hour hiking tour from the Rosenalm (wich you can reach by taking the 8 person gondola from Zell). Also ideal for families with children (even if you´re pushing a pram/stroller). If you´re looking for a more challenging tour, then make your way here to the Kreuzwiesenalmhütte via the Karspitz or the Kreuzjoch. The hikes can be extended all the way to Gerlos ...

Wonderful mountainbike trail from Zell or from Stumm: you can also transport your bike up on the 8-man gondola and then embark on a much easier tour to our inn. Descents both to Zell and Gerlos are possible.


Abendstimmung auf der Kreuzwiesenalm
Skihütte Kreuzwiesenalm
Genießer-Frühstück am Berg
Ausblick von der Terrasse
Hütte mit Panoramablick
Chillen auf der Kreuzwiesenalm
Schmankerlhütte Kreuzwiesenalm


Legends are part of cultural history, they provide insight into the inner life of people, recount life and death, rewards and retributions, culpability and atonement. They still allow good to be rewarded and evil to be punishes - and incidentally evidence is furnished for the fact, that one could have skipped a couple of hundred paragraphs while sticking to the ten commands. 

The legend of the Kreuzwiese ghost: In olden days people on the Gerlos mountain spoke quite often about the Kreuzwiese ghost. Due to the eerie atmosphere and events, all herdsmen were refused to attend to their duties. On the stroke of midnight a white came running into the lodge and caused mayhem. It was not until one of the herdsmen got holy water from the stoup that the horse dashed through the door and galloped down the green.

The herdsmen and dairy farmers preferred being outdoors. Not long after the incident had occurred none of the farmers was willing to go the lowest part of the mountain pasture, which was bad for business. As the last herdsman had left the eerie place, they noticed that the hand crank of the butter churn has been left behind. The farmer needed it, though, That is why he asked the youngest farm-hand to fetch the hand crank. The guy had heard about the ghost, but he had also heard what people said about it, that it was the poor soul of a poacher, who had been shot without remorse and repentance and who had no other choice than to wander like a ghost in the lowest part of the mountain pasture, until someone would release him. 

That's why the young farm-hand went up to the mountain pasture after work and he carried a heart with him. It was almost midnight by the time he arrived. The moment he reached the alpine lodge, he heard a loud rumbling sound inside. He did not hesitate and opened the door. Without thinking twice, the young labourer acted quickly, put down the heart, took the hand crank and moved back again. Then the animal started talking: "Put the hand crank on my belly and jump over me three times! " The farm-hand followed the instructions and after the third jump the horse got up, tore down the pasture and disappeared into the night. The farm-hand took the hand crank, left the alpine lodge and locked the door. As he turned around, a hunter stood before him and said: "Now I'm released." And the courageous farm-hand inherited the farm after the farmer had deceased.