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Mountain farm

Erbhof Hundsbichlhof ont the Gerlosberg

Our mountain farm "Hundsbichlhof" on the Gerlos mountain in Zell in the Ziller Valley is located at an altitude of 1200m above sea level,, Every day of the week we offer our feel good holiday home guests fresh cow milk, if ordered (except in the summer, when the cows are in the alpine pasture). The cows at the farm only get the best food. Green grass with alpine herbs and  mountain hay during winter. 

The cleanest mountain spring water runs from the hotel's own spring. Water has always played a crucial role, whether in myths and fairytales or as water of life during baptismal services and in folk religion across many nationalities, or in earlier times with respect to water spirits and sea gods. There's no life without water. No one can do without water. The play of the water also triggers off contemplations about the stream of life. We should handle this costly vital juice with care. 

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